The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Use of Testosterone

Most things we do usually have their effects on either ourselves or the outside world. This is because one of the laws of motions of Newton states that “for every action, there is always an opposite reaction.” In the same way, if we tamper on the natural course of nature, there will always be those concomitant effects which are either bad or good.

Nowadays, youthfulness is given so much emphasis. Advertisements, whether in the television or online, are strewn with details on how magnificent power and strength are, and how glorious the vigor of youth is. Hence, there are thousands of products out there which are purportedly designed to stave off the onset of old age, because our society often view the aging process as a disease which has to be counteracted and cured. For this reason, there are also a number of testosterone brands out there which claim to replenish the strength and vigor of every man. These testosterone brands are selling like hotcakes because almost everyone nowadays has been programmed to abhor the onset of old age. With this kind of mentality most of us have, it is imperative that we know whether the use of testosterone is really advantageous or disadvantageous for us.

The Roles Played by Testosterone

Testosterone, as a hormone, plays a critical role in the well-functioning of the body. It is a known fact that low levels of testosterone in the body usually leave a man exhausted, infertile, and uninterested. So the natural tendency for those who are low in testosterone levels is to review the top 10 testosterone boosters and then buy the best brand to augment the amount of testosterone in their body.

There are some known advantages as to the use of testosterone. First, it is a known fact that testosterone replacement therapy can really increase the bulk of muscles. As a hormone, that is the natural function of testosterone—to catalyze the buildup of muscles and bones. Hence, increasing the testosterone level artificial is deemed to increase the buildup of muscles. Another factor that plays well with the use of testosterone is the additional zest it gives a person’s sexual life. Although, it is not a cure to erectile dysfunction, it is believed to increase sexual drive. However, with the issue of fertility, it is non-conclusive whether testosterone replacement therapy can really increase the fertility of a man. On the contrary, some studies reveal that when one undergoes testosterone therapy, there is a likelihood that the testes will stop producing sperms because the testosterone receptors within the body would normally signal to the brain that there is enough level of testosterone within the body, which in turn, would prompt the testes to halt its production of sperms.

There are concomitant risks associated with the use of testosterone. One of these risks is the increase likelihood of developing prostate cancer. Moreover, another side effect of the use of testosterone is worsening sleep apnea, an increase in the count of platelets, and water retention. Hence, you got to weigh in all these consequences before you engage yourself in the use of testosterone or before you allow yourself to undergo testosterone replacement therapy.