General Motors Diet

In today’s modern world, we can see various kinds of new developments thanks to technology. Everything people used to imagine and only watch in movies is now possible. This has change the game into something different making life more complicated if you will agree with me.

A hundred years ago people’s lives were very simple. Firstly, homes were built using whatever is available in their environment. As long as it serves as a shelter protecting them from the heat of the sun, cold breeze of the air or the water from the rain, then that is more than enough. Materials were developed into something sturdier to protect people from other natural catastrophes or disasters. Until presently we can see modern day designs of homes with various styles from the fixtures up to the furniture. Building homes can some time take up to a few months even a year just to complete the whole design based on the architectural plan.

Aside from complex designed homes, one more thing that has become more complicated is the food we eat. Today we have fast food restaurants offering on- the- go meals that can be eaten at any place we are into. Simple soups are added more ingredients and food preparation processes to make it taste very delicious. Yes it fills our hunger panes and it satisfies our cravings, however the only downside to it is the fact that sometimes it contains a lot of preservatives and additives that are not healthy to the body. It somehow makes us even more addicted to eating. If you are a person who really enjoys consuming all sorts of food, a foodie if you can call it then you must learn the importance of having control when it comes to food. If you start eating everything you see, you wont notice your weight ballooning double or even triple your original weight. Don’t be one of the millions of people who need to resort to doing the Cohen diet, general motors diet, the grapefruit diet, atkins diet, three- hour diet, cabbage soup diet, etc. It is better to maintain a natural and healthy physique so that it wont affect the over all state of your body.

The examples mentioned above are just a few things that may seem to make our lives a little more complicated but it does not necessarily mean that it is bad or has negative effects in our lives. As a matter of fact, it has helped our lives on so many ways and has truly transformed it into a whole new level. It is the sole reason why we are having this comfortable and convenient life that we have today. Nevertheless, we should not fully depend on technology when it comes to certain aspects of our lives. We are humans, smarter than robots, machines and other creations of technology. Everything should be done in moderation and with careful examination especially when it comes to those decisions that will really affect our lives.